Fruit Loaves

We offer you a choice of 4 delicious fruit loaves that make a great snack when combined with a cappuccino.

Fruit loaf


Fruit Loaf – Glazed, unsliced
Studded with raisins and sultanas, this fruit loaf is glazed and makes a mouth watering snack when toasted any time of the day.

Swiss fruit poppy seed


Swiss Fruit Poppy Seed – Sliced & Unsliced
Jam packed with fruit. It is made following Emil’s original Swiss recipe and is dense, moist and delicious


Fruit Loaf – Unglazed, unsliced
This is the same as the glazed loaf but without the icing so it appeals to people who don’t have quite such a sweet tooth.


Artisan – Unsliced
Jam packed full of Apricots, Dates, Sultanas, Raisins, Orange Peel and Figs.