Swiss Bakery

The Schwob’s name has been a part of Australian bread making for over 60 years. You could even say that our founder Emil Schwob taught Australians how to enjoy Swiss bread!

Schwob’s Swiss Bakery supplies its products to a range of foodservice organisations, delis, supermarkets, and other retail stores across Melbourne and Sydney.

Our entire range – from cobs and fruit loaves to dinner rolls and pastries – fill stores daily, satisfying the taste buds of all our clients’ customers!

What is Artisan Bread?

We’re sure you’ve seen the term ‘artisan bread’ every now and then, even if you’re not quite sure of its definition.

Artisan (which denotes a craft of any kind, in fact) refers to a worker in a skilled trade; one who uses technique and skill to create a product, usually by hand. 

In our case, it refers to our artisan bread that is made in a traditional manner using only the best and highest quality of ingredients. There’s something about a crunchy, dense loaf of fresh bread that the supermarket slice just can’t mimic.

A longer fermentation process gives Schwob’s bread that delicious, homemade taste. 

Artisan bread from a wholesale bakery like Schwob’s means you can provide the highest quality breads, loaves, and rolls, made with exceptional skill and passion, to your customers.

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Why Schwob’s Bakery

Schwob’s has a full HACCP accredited food safety programme in place and can supply you with all of your technical and nutritional needs surrounding any product you may purchase from us. 

We only source ingredients from reputable Australian suppliers who follow strict food safety programmes such as ours and carry full specifications within our database for all ingredients purchased, giving comfort and reassurance to all our customers that their products are manufactured in a safe, clean environment.

Our Mission

Schwob’s Swiss Bakery, a privately owned family business, has been an institution around Melbourne for many years known for our fine artisan bread and outstanding service.

We are one of Melbourne’s oldest premium bread bakers having been established back in 1954 and are proud to say that we are:

  • Committed to superb quality
  • Focused on excellent customer service
  • Dedicated to continuous innovation
  • Passionate about artisan bread

Listening to our customers, watching trends in Europe, and working closely with suppliers in Australia ensures that we remain at the forefront of the baking industry and continue to keep both existing and new customers satisfied.

In 1997, Specialty Breads started trading in Sydney to enable supply of Schwob's bread to the NSW market. During that time, demand has grown enormously and Schwob's breads are available throughout a large number of supermarkets, cafes and delis within the greater Sydney area.

Our latest innovation is the introduction of fully degradable packaging for both of our retail ranges in New South Wales and Victoria. We are proud to be the first bread company in Australia to offer this option to customers.